Celluma Light Therapy

Celluma Light Therapy $50 Session



Biophotonic light therapy encourages natural cellular activity through light emitting diodes (LED) applied to the skin's surface. Portable and easy to use - no harsh creams, needles, invasive, or toxic treatments needed. Delivering LED light therapy at the right wave length and intensity through its novel and patented design, this technology was first researched by NASA and has been widely accepted as a natural, non-invasive application.
There are three settings, each lasting 30 minutes with automatic shut off to help you manage multiple treatment needs. A 30 minute session does not require staff monitoring and the unit can be easily stored or moved from treatment area to treatment area.
Celluma manages:

  • Acne – redness, pimples and lesions
  • Anti-aging – wrinkles, dark spots, sun damage, skin texture
  • Aches and Pains- muscle pain, joint stiffness, inflammation and circulation

This 3-in-1 device uses light energy that has both pulse and constant delivery options and shapes to most parts of the body. Blue: 465mm assists with managing acne. Red: 640mm supports collagen production and assists with the management of anti-aging including wrinkle, skin texture and dark spots. Infrared: 880mm helps manage through deep penetration, circulation and inflammation, as well as joint and muscle pain.