Dermaplaning $80

Dermaplaning with Chemical Peel $125

Dermaplaning is a professional refinishing peel or resurfacing technique used for painless removal of superfluous or vellus hair and an exfoliation of dead skin cell layers with a physician's scalpel blade.  This simple and safe medical exfoliation procedure gently shaves the epidermis resulting in a smooth, soft look and feel for the skin.  Even though Dermaplaning has been used for many years it is only recently that certified skin care specialists have offered it to their clients.

A noticeable improvement is immediate with smoother texture and a fresh skin appearance.  Hair returns softly and not coarse when it grows back because of the treatment.  Topical treatment products penetrate the skin much better following this treatment.

Performed on the face only

Not performed on active acne

Acne scars are greatly improved

Chemical peels can be done immediately after for deeper penetration